I'm Rodrigo, graphic and web designer.

Always hard to define ourselves, but I would say I am a kind of
Renaissance man for Modern Times“. I have broad interests:
design, programming, printing techniques, video and photo edition,
and writing book reviews about Human Sciences, Neurobiology, Physics and Literature.


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Website Design / UI

There are many stages for creating a website or app. From the basic architecture to ideas flow and funnel, to the prototype, and finally the final product.

Site architecture

Working mostly done on Figma, the site architecture prototype is the first stage to create and visualize what the final website will show. There is a fun stage with lots of brainstorming and learning about the business.


After the finalized site architecture, I do prototyping on Figma for a clear understanding of the previously elaborated architecture and elements flow. If I am using Divi or Elementor, the prototyping is done usually directly on the CMS, using templates or UI libraries. It’s important to constantly test prototyping ideas with real clients. There are a lot of UX tools available. I particularly like Maze and UserTesting. With Divi and Elementor, there are built-in tools for A/B testing and others

Website design and testing

Approved the prototyping, another fun part starts: building the website incorporating color palettes, texts, and images and constantly checking if the session looks nice and if it really works with what is shown previously and what comes after.

UX Design

I am a UX team of one at my current job. User research, planning design interfaces, and integrations with 3rd part apps are my day-to-day job.

user research

For me the research usually start with my directors. They are the source for company goals but also on target clients. I confirm they suppositions with user research after with 8 to 12 customers.

design interface

Planning the design interface with the result of research in mind and stakeholders’ expectations. I think on all the app integrations and integration with our accountant software.

testing before launching

Before launching the product, another user testing with users and an internal test with colleagues. It is time to adjust the last things. UX is not about make things perfect, but with the less errors and frustrations for the customers.

Featured Work

Website Development

Socks Macaron Website

This project was done from scratch to show the product portfolio. I produced all the photographs and their treatments. The website was built entirely in Divi.

Website Socks Macaron shown in 3 devices

Website Redesign

Mimesis Teatro

The project was realized to replace an old HTML non-responsive website. After the architecture was approved, the project went directly to Divi.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Rodrigo. I’ve been working in the design industry for more than 15 years

I started as a video editor, after curiosity brought me to photography, graphic design, web design, programming and UI and UX.

  • Web Design
  • Print design
  • Digital Marketing
Rodrigo Designer: me

Years creating images

Photography Projects

Graphic /Web Projects


  • Graphic design.
  • Web design.
  • Video editing.
  • Studio photography.
  • Prepress and print production


  • Bachelor in Communication – ESPM  (2000).
  • Photography Professional Certificate – EPA (2008)
  • Master in Contemporary Arts – Université de Sherbrooke (2015)
  • Computer graphics certificate. (2017)
  • Google Certificate on UX Design (2019)
  • Google Certificate In Digital Marketing (2023)